Thank you for taking a moment to visit our school's website.  Just like our students, this site is "under construction."  
As principal of the Early College, I am committed to making our school a wonderful place to teach and learn.  We ask our teachers and our students to be equally committed to this aim.  Each day, we put our mission statement into practice:
"The EECHS family will create powerful educational experiences that foster academic excellence, personal growth, and responsible citizenship while cultivating a lifelong passion for learning."
The Early College is a special place for many reasons.  Most importantly, we are a family.  Personal relationships are at the center of everything we do.  While we have common goals and a shared sense of purpose, we also celebrate individuality and diversity. 
Our scholars "discover themselves" at the Early College, and when they leave, our graduates tackle the world with a greater sense of self.  Our motto is "Be Yourself; Leave Completely Changed."  
If you are a student or parent interested in joining the Early College family, consider setting up a visit with our counselor to tour the school, meet a few staff and students, and see if this is the place for you.