He's Back and Better Than Ever!

Here at the Early College, a familiar face rejoined our school family on September 12. Our new community liaison, Gerald Williams, is an Early College graduate of the Class of 2015. In an interview with Mr. Williams, he was asked a couple of questions about his time and experiences here at the Early College when he was a student. “There was never a dull moment,” said Gerald Williams. “There’s such a powerful family atmosphere here at the Early College.”

“I came back because I want to help the school and the students here grow just as I did. This school helped me by getting me into college and creating a bright future for me,” he said.

Mr. Williams graduated from the Early College with a tuition-free scholarship to Fayetteville State University, where he majored in Mass Communications and graduated in 2017.  

“Mr. Williams is the living embodiment of our Early College mission,” said Principal Matt Smith.  “We are excited that he has chosen to come home and reinvest in our school family.”

The Early College is excited to welcome Mr. Williams back into our family and to watch him and the rest of the students and staff continue to grow together.


Written by: Kayla Smith