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Service Learning

What is Service Learning?

  • Meaningful community service integrated with reflection to enrich the learning experience.
  • Service learning teaches civic responsibility and strengthens character and communities.

Who participates in Service Learning?

  • All students at EECHS must complete 20 hours per semester, except those students who are completing their junior internship and/or senior project.
  • Students completing internship or Graduation Project will submit the 20 hours completed during their internship to their House/Seminar teacher.

When should Service Learning be completed?

  • Service Learning may be completed from August 1, 2016 - May 18, 2017.
  • Students can log a maximum of 10 hours for credit during the summer months.
  • Each student is required to complete 20 hours per semester.
  • Service Learning hours and required reflections will be audited once per grading period to determine participation by every student.  Students will receive instructions about completing reflections in their House seminars.
  • One reflection is expected and hours are to be completed for each of the following checkpoints:
Fall Semester
  • September 15: 7 hours
  • October 31: 7 hours
  • December 8: 6 hours
Spring Semester
  • February 15: 7 hours
  • March 29: 7 hours
  • May 18: 6 hours

How is Service Learning graded?

  • Service Learning typically comprises 40% of your grade in House for each grading period.  The specific grade breakdown will be explained to students during your first House meeting.
  • In addition, your final exam grade in House each semester is calculated based on total service hours earned.  For example, completing a total of 20 hours each semester, as expected, earns a 100 exam grade, 19 hours earns a 95, 18 hours earns an 90, etc.  Students who do not earn all of their service hours for individual grading periods can still earn 20 full hours for their exam grade.
  • Students who falsify service hours (cheating) incur a steep penalty, which may include the following:
    • A "0" grade for fasified service hours for that grading period;
    • A referral to the principal's office for academic integrity;
    • Required completion of the falsified service hours within a time range to be set by Mr. Hill.  EECHS staff members will determine how the hours are to be made up.  If the hours are not made up, the student will receive a final "0" for their service learning grade for that grading period.  Parents will be called in for a meeting with Mr. Hill, your House/Seminar teacher, and administration.  The incident will be documented in your academic folder.
Students must complete this tracker before credit is given.


Service Learning Opportunities 

 Blount Bridgers House

"The Growing Patch" Contact Heather Varnell (252) 827-3100